We help people shop for mattresses so they can get the best sleep possible.

Hello, Garfield family here, we’re the sleep experts behind ‘How To Shop for a Mattress’.

Together our family owns Bedrooms & More in Seattle. We opened our doors for business in 1972 and have since become a destination retailer for all things bedroom (and home). We offer an extensive selection of natural and organic bedding along with our exclusive line of botanical latex mattresses.

After hearing SO many customers complain they’d rather go shopping for a used car than a new mattress, we knew had to do something to help. So in 2009 we launched our How to Shop for a Mattress Class and offered it every weekend. Years later we’re happy to report we’ve helped thousands of Seattle area shoppers make good decisions with their mattress shopping.

In fact, the class did so well, we decided to put together an online resource for shoppers like you. We hope you find our free guides insightful, so you can set out to mattress shop with confidence and be well on your way to the best sleep possible!

Learn How to Shop for a Mattress with our online guides, or you can visit us at our Seattle store for an in person class every Saturday.