1. Make a Plan

Consider your budget and how much time you have to find your next mattress. Know how long you expect/need your mattress to last (3 yrs? 5 yrs? or 15 yrs?).

2. Select the Right Store

Ask friends and family for recommendations. Look for customer ratings and good reviews online that speak highly of customer service and knowledgeable sales people. 

3. Commit to Buying 2-Sided

2-sided mattresses you can flip and rotate last up to 3 times as long as a ‘can’t flip’ mattress. They may be harder to find in your area, but 2-sided mattresses are still made and sold everyday.

4. Know Your Mattress Materials

Avoid poly foam, memory foam, gel foam and other synthetic materials. Do you have allergies or chemical sensitivities? Then it’s best you to stick with plant-based fibers like cotton, wool, and botanical latex (made from rubber tree sap).

5. Choose Your Surface Feel

From extra firm to extra plush, your body already has a preferred surface feel. There’s no need to change it — what you like is what you like. If you want to change, try one degree firmer or plusher; don’t go drastic.

6. Innerspring, Latex or Hybrid?

Some mattresses contain spring coils, some don’t. Neither are better or worse for sleeping, they just have a different feel. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try something new.

7. Test Rest

Try before you buy. Wear in comfy clothes when you shop. Spend at least 10-15 minutes faux napping on two or three beds at the most. Lie in the position you normally sleep: side, back, stomach, or a mix. Take note of how each mattress feels.

8. Box or No Box?

Make sure your mattress is correctly supported. Your mattress may or may not need a box spring underneath. This will depend on the condition of your current box (if you have one) and/or the type of bed frame you’ll be using. Also, a sturdy platform bed with a solid deck or enough slats across the bottom for the mattress to lay flat will not need a box. 

9. Exchange Policies & Warranties

Manufacturers’ warranties usually only cover defects, not normal wear and tear. To prevent disappointment, get a clear understanding of the store’s comfort exchange program and/or their return policy before you buy.

10. Allow 28 Days of Sleep

Before you consider making any changes, give your body a full month to adjust to your new mattress. Trust us, it takes at least this amount of time for our bodies to acclimate to a new mattress.


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