Lesson 2 – Make a Plan

It’s not everyday you shop for a mattress.

If you’re lucky and your mattress has been pretty durable, it may have been 10, 15, even 20 years since you’ve last shopped.

But if you’ve purchased a mattress in the last 3, 5, 7 or more years, chances are, it already needs replacing. Mattresses aren’t what they once were; mainstream mattress manufacturers have seen to that.

Let’s compare mattress shopping to something you might be slightly more familiar with: car shopping. If you wanted to buy a new car, what would you do? What would you want to get clear on before talking with a salesperson?

Price point? Make? Maybe even model? Some people even know what color of vehicle they intend to buy. You wouldn’t just show up at the dealership and say, “I need a new car. I have no idea what I want or like, no idea what I want to spend, and I know nothing about cars.”

When shopping for a car, you might not know everything you need and want to know, but you at least know the basics.

When shopping for a mattress, you ideally should be as prepared as when shopping for a car.

So, before you visit any mattress store, make a plan. We’ll help you!

Important questions to ask yourself at the very beginning:

How long does your mattress need to last?

Are you hoping this’ll be the last mattress you ever need to buy, or do you just need it for a few years?

What’s your budget? $500? $5000? More?

What support system is best for you? Coils? Fibers? A mix of both?

It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to these questions yet. Read on to learn how to answer them for YOU.

How Long Does Your Mattress Need To Last?

The first question to ask is, how long do you need your mattress to last? That’s what we call longevity. Intended longevity helps us establish not only which materials are going to serve you best, but also to start getting an idea of price point.

Here are four different scenarios in which people have different longevity needs:

1) A retired couple is shopping for the last mattress they’ll ever need to buy, and they want top quality. They’d like to get 20 years out of this mattress, if possible.

2) A businessman will be living in a different state from his partner for a few years on a special work assignment. He needs a decent mattress just to get him through the period of separation. He wants a mattress that’ll feel great on his body after extra long work days, but when the work assignment is over, he’ll probably donate or sell the mattress.

3) A woman in her late twenties is planning to have kids and needs a durable mattress to see her through several pregnancies before she upgrades again. She wants a mattress to last a good 10 years or longer and still feel comfortable, especially as her body changes.

4) A couple of empty nesters host frequent houseguests, but not for extended stays. They don’t want to invest in a luxury bed for their guests, but they don’t want to have to ever replace the mattress if at all possible.

Every life situation is unique and important. In each of the four scenarios, a different mattress would be the best choice. How long the mattress needs to last is an important requirement to know up front.

So how about you? How long do you need your new mattress to last?

What’s Your Budget?

What’s 10 or more years of good sleep worth to you?

While it’s true that you can get a mattress for $300, it may not be very comfortable.

And even though you may be able to afford an $8000 mattress, what if you found one just as comfortable, way more durable, and even more eco-friendly for half that?

Good sleep changes everything. Investing in your sleep is one of the best investments you can make.

So how long do you want this mattress to last? And what’s your budget? What are you prepared to invest in a mattress that helps your body feel better, improves your sleep, and stands the test of time?

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