Air & Waterbeds: Lesson 6

Though waterbeds have faded away to the history books for many, it was and is a wonderful support system. The human body is mostly water, and you are a similar density to a waterbed mattress. This makes for very few pressure points, even contouring support, on a bed that (shy of leaks) won’t lose its shape.

During the summer the bed can be used as a heat sink, and during the winter, it is a nice warm bed (so long as you still have power). Good quality can be difficult to impossible to find, but in concept it is cheap and durable. Aside from the stigma, and the hassle that inherently go with waterbed ownership, it can be very effective.

If you’re interested in learning more about waterbeds and our experience with them (Bedrooms & More started off as a waterbed store, after all!) check out blog post….

And if you still love waterbeds and are looking for a modern-day equivalent, latex mattresses are great alternatives. Botanical latex foam can provide you with the same softness just like a waterbed.

Airbeds are another story; a totally different density than the body, the feel from an air bladder is either that of no support, or pressure points. One company has managed to create a demand for an extraordinarily cheap mattress that is, air bladders covered with foam, and if you are interested in something like this, you will get much better value by putting a foam topper on a cheap inflatable bed; they are of similar quality and would cost hundred if not thousands less.

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