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Make me a mattress-shopping expert. I want to know everything you know.

How to shop for a mattress & not regret your purchase

So it’s time to buy a new mattress. Let us be the first to say it: Congratulations!

A new mattress is a gift to yourself and to your whole life.

When you sleep better, your whole life goes better — your health, your relationships, your job performance.

As you might have heard, we spend about one-third of our life in bed.

So the art of getting the bed right is pretty important. And THIS is an opportunity to get it right!

Before you go shopping, there are a few things you’ll want to think about first.


What should you look for? How much should you spend? How long should a mattress last?

These are only some of the questions you’ll want answered before you start your search.

Mattress shopping can be a confusing process. However, with a few tips, some helpful information, and a little planning, the whole endeavor can be much easier and even a little fun.

Don’t let your wallet & your sleep suffer. Learn now to avoid frustration later.

The mainstream mattress industry has been untrustworthy over the past 20 years.

Mattresses aren’t what they once were. But there’s no need to feel like a chump when you’re talking to the mattress salesperson.

This site will help you:

Prevent regret over buying a mattress that just doesn’t feel good after the first few months or years

Select the best bed for your money — a bed that fits your body, your sleep style, and your life!

See through mattress mythology & magical marketing and get to the truth about what’s available in the market

Understand what makes a good mattress store to begin with, so you can choose a retailer with integrity

The info on this website will help you be well-informed, feel confident, and have a much better idea of what you want before you even set foot in a mattress showroom.

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