When You’re Too Hot in Bed: Lesson 12

One of our most often asked questions is how to stay cool in bed, especially if one of you sleeps different to your partner.

The mattress industry will try to sell you on the idea of temperature regulating mattress materials, but it is a distraction. Temperature regulation at night is directly linked to moisture dissipation. If you sleep on a leather couch, it will be hot and sweaty, then cold and clammy, because there is nowhere for that moisture to go.

The same thing is the case with plastic foams; where people are sleeping on a non breathable material. One of the trends in the industry is to use gel as a heat sink; which works for about 40 minutes. Once your body has warmed it up, they sleep even hotter. It’s a gimmick.

Real temperature regulation comes from breathable bedding. If you’re getting temperature regulation benefit from breathable fibers in your mattress, you aren’t doing a good enough protecting your mattress, because that moisture in making it to your bed, and makes in non-hygienic.

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